Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Just when it couldn’t get any more exciting… we break for an intermission.  

We’re heading home for a couple of weeks while Blue Pearl basks in the Antiguan sun.  We’ll let the solar panels charge the batteries up as the water ripples against the hull.

We've been in the Jolly Harbour anchorage for the past couple of days while the wind howls during this current weather incident.  The holding is great, the waves are coming from the same direction as the wind and so we bob up and down as we read, nap, do crosswords and small boat jobs. 

We are going to be tied up in Jolly for 2 weeks while we reconnect at home.  Then back down for a final 2 months before our spring and summer of grandkids, golfing and friends at home.

Fancy condos somewhere

Biggest travel lift we've ever seen... North Sound Marina

Maybe our summer home?

150 feet tall... we need 52 so you could almost stack us 3 high inside

On the hard

Checking out the jack stands

They weld them together

And tether them to the concrete

Looking out to Green Island

Another windmill

Devil's bridge

Lunch at the RoadHouse

Eric Clapton's place

Touring with Curare... Geoff and Linda

Just try it... give me your lighter!

Falmouth to Jolly

Entering the harbour
Lunch at Linda's

Sunset through Pam's picture window
Did an island tour with Geoff and Linda from Curare.  They've travelled from Vancouver down south... Mexico, Galapagos, Easter Island, Chile, Tierra del Fuego, Brazil, here... and that's just a snapshot.

We're checking into staying here for the summer.  That will really change our cruising plans.  We've sent requests out to our insurance folks... just waiting to see.

Ciao for now, Dear Reader.  We'll check back in March!

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