Sunday, March 9, 2014

Island Hopping

We are back in Grenada with Mike and Charlotte, looking forward to some island hopping - Grenada->Carriacou->Union Island->Mayreau->Tobago Cays->Bequia->St. Lucia.  We are trying to fit in everything interesting in Grenada in just a few days so we can spend some time in the Grenadines and St. Lucia.

We got in on the 8:00 PM flight from Miami on Wednesday and went straight to the boat.  We were worried that we might be miserable after a long trip... including a red-eye... but it was great to get back on Blue Pearl, enjoy a few nightcaps and head off for a great sleep.

The next morning we took the dingy over to Woburn for some lambi at Nimrod's Rum Shop.  Mrs. Bernadette makes the best curried lambi we have come across and at $10 EC it is a great bargain.  And she is such a lovely person so it is nice to be able to patronize her place.  After lambi we skidded over to the store at Le Phare Bleu to pick up a couple of things for a few meals, had a refreshing beverage and then back to the Blue Pearl for Happy Hour and a savage game of cribbage.

Charlotte on the Vastra Banken - old Swedish lightship
We dropped George's mooring in the morning and had a great sail around the south coast until we had to turn north after the airport.  Then, the winds got confused and we motored the rest of the way into Port Louis Marina.  We've docked here so often now that the gong show almost seems normal.  We drift the nose up to the waiting dingy, he ties off the lines and then we back... such as it is... into the slip.  When we get dangerously close to other boats he pushes us with the nose of his inflatable.  Tie off at the stern, tighten up at the pointy end and "Bob's your uncle" (Uncle Bob) we are snug.

We've been enjoying the amenities here and have taken trips into town for the Fort, the market and a general walk-about.  We stocked up on tuna and sailfish at the fish market and we've done our provisioning so we are just about ready to leave for points north.
Flying fish will fly right into our frying pan
Tuna Surprise for dinner
Frying Flying Fish
Rehydrating after an exhausting beach walk
OK - 2 bars of Grenada chocolate a night for 11 nights is how much?
Is the lifeguard drinking a G&T
They arrived as we were sitting there... the crew of 10 jumped off and enjoyed beers at a picnic table near the pool.
We've got the obligatory Cutty Tour taking place tomorrow and then we are off to Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou.  Winds look good for a beam (maybe close?) reach on Tuesday.

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