Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bonjour Deshaies

We had a great run down to Deshaies (Day ay - or in Canadian - Day eh.)  We got up at 6:00 AM and were on our way out of the Falmouth Harbour, Antigua by 6:15.  We are sorry that cousin Duane and family were not able to make the connections to join us.

Before we left we met Glenn and Sylvie on Gemma's Inspiration - and guess what?  They live right in our back yard in British Columbia.  So they are a definite summer's visit when we head up to BIMPYs (if you don't know, you don't need to) in Pender Harbour.  We are hoping to connect with them again as we work our way south.

The 42 miles took just under 7 hours.  Gary Garmin tells us we averaged 6.5 knots on the trip.  The wind was just aft of the beam so it was a little bumpy but it was a great ride!  We put out two fishing lines but we were only able to tangle them together... we are not much of a threat to the fish population here.

Home Land Security and Canada Border Services could take a lesson from the French.  We rode into town in the dinghy, tied up and cleared in at a tourist shop.  Pam wanted to buy 5 Euro hula girl earrings that cost more than our clearance.  Glen sat at a computer and entered our info, the guy wasn't interested in looking at our passports... printed the clearance forms... Glen signed and Bob's your uncle (actually he is - Uncle Bob!)

So we walked around the town - Glen was tempted by the box rum, what an interesting deviation from  box wine.  Bought some Leffe beer at the grocery store and headed back to the boat for an early evening.

We are off to Des Saintes tomorrow.  When we chartered here in 1998 we spent time at these places.  Des Saintes was special so we will spend a few days there before heading off to Dominica.

Our closest approach to Montserrat - about 20 miles

This must be a good place!

You sell food on the street? - well then we'd better try some!
Customs - really, this is where you clear in!!!

Box Rum
More box rum

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  1. Stick to the box wine - the Rhum is horrid!

    Bobby, now in St Lucia


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