Monday, March 11, 2013

Avez vous une bicyclette?


Pam's back!!!  We've found a new playlist and all is right with the world.  Except, Glen can't find anything on the boat because Pam keeps tidying up and putting things away.  

After 5 weeks in Antigua, it is time to move on.  We are thinking that this would be a great place to have people visit.  The history in Falmouth/English Harbours is amazing and they have done a wonderful job in restoring Horatio Nelson's Caribbean outpost.

Now that's an anchor

Jolly Harbour has superb amenities and the BEST pizza restaurant - run by a Canadian lady - thanks to Bobby Ward for putting us onto that.  We wandered over to the Beach Bar at Jolly Harbour - thanks for Jan and Richard for finding that gem.

Jolly Beach
Five Island Harbour was beautiful with spectacular blowholes - but the garbage dump at the end of the harbour smells when they burn at night.  We tried to walk to the foundations of an old windmill but the minute you leave the beach, the foliage completely takes over and you are doomed - much like Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.

Deep Bay has an old fort, a sunken ship on which to snorkel, an amazing beach and crystal clear waters for swimming.  

We enjoyed Jumby Bay and the snorkelling at Great Bird Island was first rate.

We missed Green Island, but we would include that in a trip with our future visitors to Antigua on Blue Pearl… and maybe an overpriced but elegant meal at Harmony Hall.

Antigua is AAA.  (Not AA which might be more appropriate for Glen.)

Anyway - we are heading out to Guadeloupe on Tuesday - hopefully - its always about the weather.  Cousin Duane is trying to make it down to do the transit with us but it all depends on flights. That would be cool to sail past Montserrat on down to Deshais with Duane and daughter, Tara.

We've headed down from Five Islands Harbour to Falmouth Harbour where we will park and explore until Tuesday.  We came on the inside of Cades Reef which would have protected us from any nasty seas... except there were none.  We had a look at a couple of enticing anchorages - Carlisle Bay with the Curtain Bluff Hotel looked like a great spot for some other time.  

There was only a breath of wind and we motored the 10 miles easily - charging our batteries and giving Yan Diesel his first workout in over a month.  He performed flawlessly.

Shades of blue

Maltese Falcon - sails stowed
Maltese Falcon - sails deployed - automatically
Lookout over Falmouth
Fort Berkley guarding English Harbour
Goodbye Antigua!  Bonjour Guadeloupe!

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