Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Uh oh!

Funny how quickly things change.  On Wednesday, February 2 we finally got motivated and decided to head off to the very remote Jumentos and Ragged Islands.  Dozens of uninhabited cays with absolutely no services.  Many people hide out down there all winter, fishing and lobstering.

We fired up Yan Diesel and headed out for our new adventure. We were motor-sailing along when the engine overheated.  We stopped it right away and found that there was no coolant.  We check every morning before we start up so that was weird.  Filled up the coolant and started the engine again but very soon it overheated again... no coolant.  So we sailed back into the place we had been.  Lots of fun sailing in and setting the anchor with no engine.

Turns out the water jacket in the exhaust manifold that runs cool sea water over the hot fresh water coolant has corroded and there is a hole.  The coolant just gets flushed out with the sea water exhaust.  A local mechanic whipped off the manifold and took it back to his shop.  Luckily, the mail boat was in and scheduled to leave for Nassau Wednesday night so he hustled the part up to Simms where the boat docks.  He knows someone in Nassau who will sandblast, weld and machine the surface to put it right... for now.   Sort of leaves you unsure about heading off into the sunset.  Lucky for us that it happened an hour out instead of a hundred miles from here.

So we are hanging around Long Island doing small jobs on the boat and visiting with other boaters.

Cleaning Yan Diesel

Goin' my way?

Internet café – the Sou’ Side Bar

Life is tough!

Now where?

Pam’s kitchen window

Splicing lines

Another sunset, another G&T


  1. Hi Pam and Glen

    Thanks for the update!! Sailing just wouldn't be sailing if you didn't have a bit of a boat issue!! You're right...good thing you were close to shore.
    Things are rolling along here. We were out with the Macs, Inmans and Daytons to a play last night. Good fun. Don actually managed to scoop Scott and fell asleep. ( I had to wake Scott up from a tiny nap so that he could mock Don!)
    We have a busy weekend. I am in a curling bonspiel this weekend and taking my mom to the island the following weekend for a few days to babysit Thomas. Then we head off with Mike and Char for a ski trip to the Kootenays.
    The sunshine, G and T's, beaches etc. look very inviting. Baby it's winter out here..well actually just rain and wind.
    Take care you two... cheers Scott and Tina

  2. Great to hear that I am not the only one that has engine problems on the water. It looks as though going back to port is not the worst option....given the drinks and sun sets. Don't forget that reality awaits you when you return to the showers North of 49

    The two of you have taken retirement to a whole new level for those of us not quite there yet.



  3. Love the pictures and am so glad you are having the time of your lives.

  4. Hi Glen and Pam,
    Hope all is well with you now. We had the same problem with overheating coming out of Devils Hoffman cut and had to turn around in the cut and reanchor, till Jon could get it working. Still not sure what it was and it has been running fine since then. We are on our way back to Florida but wanted to stop in Great Harbour Cay for a bit to visit some people we had hung around with on the way down. We wish we could have cruised with you folks a little but there is always next year...... If you travel down further and meet up with "Veranda" Bill and Cristy, tell them we said Hi.
    Have fun and be safe.


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