Monday, February 28, 2011

To Treasure Cay

We have raced up to the Abacos to be here when Cousin Todd and Uncle Bob arrive at the beginning of March.  After our last post, we continued north along the island of Eleuthera to Governor's Harbour  - where our friend, Berlington Saunders, was once the Customs superintendent.  We visited him and his family back in 1992  (Columbus sailed the ocean blue 500 years previously) with Gubby, (Pam's mom) renting a beautiful place overlooking the now defunct Club Med with the pink sand beach.

We only stayed one night this time, worried that we might get held up by weather.  We had a nice anchorage in the harbour with a view of the colourful houses on shore.  We walked the streets of the settlement and found a great Bristols liquor store that sells Goslings Rum - the drink of choice of Alex Hawke, the hero in a novel Glen just finished.  So we had to get some.  Now we have to get some more.

The next day we motor-sailed 30 miles from GH, across flat, clear water to Current Cut.  We went through the Cut to Spanish Wells, a community started back when Loyalists decided that the American Revolution would undermine their loyalty to the Queen.  It is a very business-like place.  If you have lobster at a Red Lobster restaurant, it probably came from Spanish Wells.  Fishing is the life of this settlement.  We tied up in a tight little spot with shallows on both sides to one of the 6 mooring balls.  We dingied to shore and had a pleasant walk through the town.  People here take great care of their homes and yards.  There are none of the disasters you see in other Bahamian villages from hurricanes, fire and neglect.  Each house is colourful and well manicured with beautiful foliage.  In the morning, while waiting for "Bandit" to come and collect his $15 for the mooring ball, a small dolphin swam around the boat.   But did we have time to dally, you ask?  NO!
Ronald's Fish Supply in Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells home

Dry dock

Leaving Spanish Wells for Royal Island
Onward to our next anchorage at Royal Island which has evidence of a magnificent manor, gone to seed for some obscure reason.  Also, evidence of a failed development, one of so many in the Bahamas.  Lots of building trailers, heavy equipment, scars in the land where they have started to create building lots - but now dead in the water.

From Royal Island we had to make an open ocean (next stop Africa) trip to Little Harbour, Abacos.  We were up at 5:45 a.m. and lifted the anchor at 6.  We had very little wind and big rollers for 50 miles.  Bad combination.  Pam was gritting her teeth and Glen was worried about her wanting to sell the boat.  Not dangerous, just uncomfortable.

We arrived at Little Harbour after 10 challenging hours and Pam was in bed by 8:00 p.m., after a comfort-food dinner of mac and cheese.  We had a lovely anchorage and so we were able to sleep without alarm until morning.  Nice!  After a lazy breakfast, we left for Man O War Cay with a stop for fuel and water at Boat Harbour Marina.  When we were in Man O War on a chartered sailboat back in 1979 with old friends, Glen bought a canvas bag from Albury Sailmakers and Canvas.  The threads holding the zipper are coming loose and Glen tried to return it as defective after 32 years.  They fixed it and Glen bought a new one!

Where the hell are we?

Alburys cleaning conch... Glen sucking up... they took pity and gave him 3!

A lot of bags to choose from!

Old bag... new bag!

We moved to an anchorage just outside of Man O War and found the best "linksys" router we have seen in our entire trip.  We had great connectivity and used it to good advantage.  Glen's mom pointed out that we have been doing a crappy job of keeping our maps updated, so Mom ... check out our map page.

Otto, our auto-pilot had an aneurysm today.  Glen found a blown capacitor on the circuit board and we are hoping that replacing it will bring him back to good health.  We REALLY depend on Otto.  Where to get a new capacitor in the Abacos???

Today, we moved to Treasure Cay and here we sit, waiting for Uncle Bob and Cousin Todd.


  1. Another great post of your sailing adventures. It is great that you are getting back to see places that you had been to so long ago. Hopefully Uncle Bob and Todd will have a good flight down to meet you and that the weather stays great. Lots of love Patti

  2. I had some pretty good chuckles reading your post, and then my stomach even kinda heaved while reading about Pam in the rolly seas for 50 miles. I sure enjoy reading about your travels, and it's great that Uncle Bob will get to have this time with you guys and Todd. I was sure sad to miss your call last night - just by minutes, as I had run out to the store and was back in 10 minutes, dang! Hello to everybody, happy sails.


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