Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We thought we'd be in the water last week.  However, things have taken longer than we anticipated and we are tentatively scheduled to launch on Thursday.  We are hopeful but not optimistic.

Scraping the bottom
We scraped the bottom and have had it sanded down to the gelcoat - ready for barrier coat and bottom paint.  Big job - but it will be good for several years.

Sanded and clean.

Barrier coat
Bottom coat going on.
More bottom... and new Blue Pearl!
Bottom coat almost done!
Pam has done most of the scraping, sanding, cleaning and painting of the teak rub rails and she hopes to be done before we launch.  There is a lot more teak to do but this is stuff that has to be done before we are in the water.  The rest can wait.
Artist at work!

We've added a drinking water filter and changed some hoses under the galley.  That's a tight fit.  Need to lose some weight or hire a monkey!

Under the sink

We've taken out the cutlass bearing - the thing that keeps the boat watertight around the propellor shaft - and replaced it with a new one.  The job should be done by Wednesday.

Stern tube with new cutlass bearing goes here.

We've cleaned and waxed the hull so it sparkles!

Buff! The boat, I mean.

We have started to provision - this is a small part of the hoard that Pam will stow in all the various lockers and hiding places on the boat.  We will do a Costco run in the next day or so to get the big stuff.  The boat needs to be in the water before we can start the fridge and freezer so we have to wait before we buy the freezer stuff.


So - we work every day on new jobs, hoping we can get the big stuff done so we can get in the water.  We are scheduled to be in Stuart for Monday so Mack Sails can put a new main sail and additional toys on the boat.  The canvas people will be there on Tuesday to put on the new dodger and bimini.

Jen called today to say that she and Jackson will be with us early in January, just after we say goodbye to Brad.  We've heard from Maria and Al Cohen that they will down on Wednesday.  Maybe a crossing right away to the Bahamas with them?


  1. The bottom looks great! Lots of jobs, but how great it must feel to have it all done! New sails, new canvas... it's gonna look amazing!

  2. all coming up 'tickety-boo'. I feel like WE are ready to sail. Good work.

  3. Lots of big jobs that you've gotten done and soon you'll be making your way to paradise again.
    Wish I could say we'd be coming for a visit!

  4. Very tough work, and not easy! Please be careful up and down on the ladders and platforms. Bottom looks great, and with 2000 Epoxy it will ge good forever. Congrats! It still beats working but it's not easy....


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