Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Lake Worth

Well, we are tucked into the Lake Worth inlet, ready to launch to the Bahamas.  Last year we had to wait 9 days for weather.  Hopefully this year it will be better.

The Dinghy Dock at Thanksgiving dinner.

Al and Maria joined us in Stuart and we stayed there a few days with them.  It was difficult to leave because the place is sooooo boater friendly.  We moved a few miles to Manatee Pocket to be closer to the St. Lucie inlet for our trip down to Lake Worth.
Enjoying the trip to Manatee Pocket

Al making sure the bridge is opening properly.
When we launched we were having problems with an engine part and had ordered a new part.  That was last Friday - and a week later it is still not in.  So over the weekend we have set up to take off for the Bahamas the minute we can get the new part.  It is a challenging scheduling act - trying to cross the Gulf Stream with good weather and wait for parts so we are seaworthy.
The problem with crossing occurs when the wind comes from the north.  The Gulf Stream is traveling north and when it meets an opposing wind - kind of like petting a cat's back going the wrong way - the wind makes the waves all crazy and it is very uncomfortable.  We missed an opportunity on Saturday and we won't be able to go Monday.  We are hopeful that we can make Tuesday or Wednesday because on Thursday it changes.

We are hoping the part arrives on the Monday UPS truck in Indiantown.  If it does, we rent a car and drive back there to get the part.  We will race back to the boat to install it and hopefully be ready for Tuesday or Wednesday.

The trip south from Manatee Pocket to Lake Worth was excellent.  We averaged 7 knots all the way with the wind slightly forward of the beam.  We raised our new sail just out of the inlet and it looked spectacular.  At one point we were hailed over the radio, "Island Packet near the Jupiter Inlet."  We responded and he said, "I just wanted to tell you that I am on land and that you look magnificent, trucking down the coast of Florida."  Big smiles!

Maria spotted dolphins in the waves and Glen was soon abandoned in the cockpit while the others ran back and forth looking for our wave riding friend.

It was a great day!  The lunch with cold beer at anchor in Lake Worth was excellent, too!


  1. Hi Pam and Glen,
    Just got back from Mexico. We had a great time with the Inman's. We had lots of fun with the other owners. Lots of dinners and drinks on the patio! We had lots of great adventures, a super trip to Palenque, an on-going battle with termites (which we won in the end!!) and a great evening watching Team Canada beat Mexico at World Cup soccer trials.
    Glad to hear that you are ship shape and getting ready to cross. Hope all goes well!!
    Baby it's cold outside in little ol' Abby. Quite a change from the balmy weather in Mexico. Everyone's getting ready for Christmas, I am a bit discombobulated?!!

    Keep in touch..and happy sails to you. cheers Scott and Tina

  2. Enjoying your pictures, commentary and yes, even the film footage, albeit short, of the dolphin of the bow of the Blue Pearl. Thanks for sharing.

    We thought sailing was WORK. Maria and Al, you look TOTALLY relaxed!! What's up with that?!? Oh yeah, Glen and Pam must be working up a sweat behind the camera lens.

    Heres hoping you were able to leave our waters for the those of the Carribean!

    Happy Sailing...

  3. Just amazing guys, great show. good luck on crossing.

  4. The Blue Pearl is looking very beautiful under sail! Enjoy and safe sailing!
    love us


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