Friday, July 17, 2009

Our first guest...

Brad flew into Miami and then caught a shuttle to Tampa. We picked him up after spending $300 at Total Wines. Unbelievable! Laphroaig is $35. Seven Deadly Zins is $12. Anyway, back to Brad... We came back to the marina and cooled off. First night was hot, hot, hot for Brad. We think he is moving into the main cabin tonight. Not enough air in the aft cabin.

Took the boat out today. Saw dolphins. Got all systems working, reefed the main, learned about getting out of the Manatee River into the Gulf. Concerned that the electrical system wasn't charging, couldn't get the autohelm working, and the knotmeter still isn't quite right. When we got back, the AC didn't work but the refrigeration guy was scheduled to come by. He bled some air out of the AC water pump and showed Glen what to do in future. He also changed the thermostat in the fridge. We'll see if that works. He also told us our macerator pump is leaking and that's why we have some bad smells from the head. I thought it was Pam.
Pumping out bad stuff

We're sailing!

Brad found a loose wire on the alternator - to the field coil. We connected it and we seem to have battery charging from the main engine.

People have been incredibly helpful and friendly.  We are getting itchy to go but will miss all the assistance.  William has been awesome... even offered to lend us his generator for the trip.  We will miss all the support but we need to get on our way.

Should we leave tomorrow? What if the batteries don't charge. We won't have a fridge. We'll have to make sure we don't drain the starting engine keeping our beer cold.

Lots to learn.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a lot of learning but it looks like a lot of fun also. Nice to see you are having a good time and good luck to you on your travels. All is well on the western front. Your stories are funny, keep up the good work Joe

  2. Hi there...! I CANNOT believe all the repairs and fussing that you are having to do before you actually set sail...MAKE sure everything works before you leave port. I have a map of Florida...and just wondering where you are? I would just like to be able to follow your voyage!

    Have fun!
    love us

  3. We are in Bradenton, just south of Tampa. Heading south today... only about 20 miles.

  4. It's been 30 degrees around here and muggy, can't imagine how hot it must be down there. Thank goodness for ocean breezes! Your entries are sure entertaining, thanks for the posts. We had a pretty good day with dad on his birthday. He told us a couple new jokes, we had lunch (and a couple drinks) out on the balcony, he was in fine form. He did say that "they'll have a helluva fight on their hands" when it's time to move him - that should be interesting. Anyway, have a great sail today - Blue Pearl is probably very happy today too!

  5. Hi you three jolly Rogers!! I sent you a reply via e-mail..what a dummy!! There is a steep learning curve happenin on the Blue Pearl, but we're sure you'll get it all sorted out.I agree with Char, think it will be a great idea to make sure all is shipshape before heading out. All is well here, we get another baby fix at the Bimpy long weekdend. Happy sailing!! Cheers Scott and Tina


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