Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

Hot, hot, hot!
Before we left we celebrated Dad’s (almost) birthday with cousins Mary, Rick and Rick’s wife, Judy and the kids. We had a terrific time with them. How great is that - coming from Saskatchewan and Victoria to be with Uncle Carl on his (close to) big day? Lots of family were there… Jen and Luke, Carrie and Jesse, and Brad. I think Dad was impressed.

Brad drove us to Seattle to catch our Alaska flight to Orlando. It was going to be hot in Seattle on Friday – 90 degrees.

Champagne and scampi
Our first night - shrimps and champagne!
Friday: So… it was 90 here… and crazy humidity. Nice flight, easy drive to Palmetto (via Walmart) where we found the Blue Pearl waiting for us. So were Douglas and Valerie – the previous owners who were having their own private party and were delighted we could join them. They were so nice and so funny that we had a beer and a chat before we finally excused ourselves and got onto our new boat. Shrimp salad and a toast with a bottle of bubbly. Thanks to Linda for our toasting glasses.
Woke up, had a peanut butter breakfast and then off to Starbucks before meeting with our broker, Alan and his wife Mary-Joe. Back to the boat to move it to Twin Dolphin Marina.

Moving to the marina.
Moving to the marina.

Manatees under our boat! Pam was distracted. No work while she watched for manatee bubbles. Lots of good advice from Alan about our upcoming trip and then… just us! We felt badly about taking up their 4th of July morning but Alan seems almost fatherly about getting us on our way safely.
After they left we gave the credit card a workout at West Marine, Lowes, a sporting goods store and finally, Walmart. The boat is becoming functional.
4th of July fireworks. Woo hoo! Never seen better! It was a good first day on the SV Blue Pearl.

Celebrating our new sailing vessel - the Blue Pearl!
Celebrating our new sailing vessel - the Blue Pearl!

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  1. keep the updates coming, yard, flowers and house all fine, few days of rain then back to sunshine...Joe


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