Sunday, February 18, 2024

Movin' On Up

Well Hello Friends and Family!

We are now Marina Queens. (Folks we met over the years who were too cheap to tie up at a dock always spoke disparagingly about "Marina Queens." 

At the dock!

In order to get the broker on the boat, get some repair work done and to show the boat to prospective lucky new owners, we have to be on the dock. So we don't get dolphin visits now that we've moved.

Now that wasn't supposed to be easy. No dock spots to be had. But, we had a stroke of luck as I happened to check by the office and they had a sudden, unexpected vacancy! So here we are... looking down our noses at those poor slobs out in the mooring field. 

Now, when we get the urge to have a shower, go for a walk, or check the treasures on the "free table," we just swing our legs over the side, jump onto the dock and walk leisurely down to the marina complex. It's a nice place. If it wasn't so damn cold and rainy it would be a nice place to hang out for a while.

By the dinghy dock, in front of the marina complex

Where we used to park on our visits in from the mooring field

We have arranged to have a rigging guy to come and sort out a problem with the reefing system. But not for a couple of weeks from now. Also, a fibreglass guy to repair some minor damage caused on our delivery up from Antigua. Install a new autopilot (who we will still call Otto, of course) and finally a small repair to the mainsail. 

So we sit and wait. These guys are busy and we are trying our best to be patient. And we clean, declutter, do small bits of varnish. Also Wordle, crosswords, solitaire and sudukos. There are some nice walks around when the weather suits.

Looking aft

The main salon

The galley - where Pam creates genius meals!

In the meantime, we are in the process of getting Blue Pearl listed for sale (sob.) Everyone who walks by heaps praise on the condition. 

"Nice boat!"

"Beautiful boat!"

"Love Island Packets. This one looks awesome!"

So we are hoping someone will fall in love... as we did. And that will be that. I envy them.

We are missing our family and friends and really looking forward to getting home. Expect that will happen before the end of February.

Cheers for now!

Capt. Chaos


  1. I get the "missing family and friends" but don't rush back next week for the weather. Its about to get cold here. So cold that we might actually get some skiing in during the first couple of weeks of March. We join you in hoping for a quick sale so after some grieving, you can get on with finding your next adventure.

    1. Hah! Not looking forward to the weather but certainly happy to see everyone. Will be wearing black.

  2. Cutting it close to be home by the end of February! Good thing it's a leap year!


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