Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Heading South... Again!

It's blogging time again!!! I'm testing out the process with my new Chromebook. It feels awkward but I'll get used to it.

I told friends that I was going to head down to the boat in Antigua for a couple of weeks in December. Down December 4 and back home December 17. The idea was that I could get lots of chores done so when Pam and I head down after Christmas we can just splash and go. Sleeping on the boat while on the hard is not great... but it's do-able and it would allow me to get lots of things done.

So when Burnsie heard there was an adventure to be had he came over and asked if he could come. BIG change of plans!!! Having someone with trades skills with me to get stuff done will be awesome. Plus Burnsie is great fun to spend time with and he knows the words to every song ever written.

So now, the plan is to get out-of-water jobs (bottom paint, through-hulls, etc) done right away, splash and then cruise and fix for the rest of our trip... eight or nine days. I'm stoked!

We've got crap all over the house and have gone through various stages of packing it into suitcases. Depth sounders, tv, tv mounts, wind direction indicator parts, through-hulls, varnish brushes, GPS antenna and more and more and more.

Christmas gifts for locals, insulation, bed sheets

AC pump, hat, space for my shaving kit

Duffel full of stuff for Dominican family

New TV - Captain Ron in HD

Docklines, sheets, water hose, depth sounder mount and a whole lot a stuff!

After a good cruise around, we'll put the boat at the dock somewhere. Then, 2 weeks later Pam and I come back down with Brad and Kim. The plan is to cruise them down to Dominica and then fly them home. Hoping for good sailing/cruising weather.

Whoop whoop. Antigua here we come!

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