Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Time to Go Home

With Chevy and Carrie back in Abbotsford and the Closs family returning from Spring Break soon it is time for us to depart. We've had a great season but spring has sprung and home is calling.

After putting C&C in a taxi, Pam and I spent a nice evening with Brian from Pyxis. Brian treated us to a lovely dinner at the Yacht Club. He wanted to thank us for our help when his wife, Nadi suffered a serious back injury in Basse Terre, Guadeloupe. Not necessary but much appreciated. Dinner was followed by sweet dreams on Blue Pearl in Falmouth Harbour and in the morning we set out early for Jolly Harbour. Made an appointment with a welder to take care of our broken dinghy davits and got groceries for our last two weeks afloat.

The welding was challenging, expensive and created more problems... but at least we can haul Murphy safely and securely. The GPS seems to have suffered a fatal incident and so that goes on the list for replacement for next year. Good thing we have several backup navigation tools to get us up through the reefs on the way to Davis Bay.

Broken davit removed

Have to take off pushpit (aft pulpit) to weld stanchions

That looks weird

... from any angle

Have to clean this up when we put in the new external GPS

Other side of pushpit out as well for more welding


Bimini lashed in place

Brendon and I arrive with newly repaired parts

Another view from Pam's galley window
We motored into the wind from Hermitage to Davis Bay. Davis Bay is home to an exclusive resort... with great internet, of course... and it is only a mile over to North Sound where we will haul on Tuesday, April 10. With our GPS out of commission, we relied on Pam's iPad with the Navionics charts and GPS to get us safely through the reefs.

Pam's iPad for Navigation
While we are here we will putter around making Blue Pearl secure for the haul-out season... Pam-made covers on the teak rails and general clean-up.

So we hope to be at the dock, alongside the haul-out well on Friday with access to power and water. That will give us the opportunity to spray off excess salt, take off the sails and put things away.

The canvas will come off last, just before we haul. We are going to have some canvas work done for next season and so we will have a chance to talk to the contractor about exactly what we want done.

So that's it for now. Will chat once more when we are out of the water and ready to head home.

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