Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Limin' and Varnishin'

We are weather morons. We sat in Deshaies - a lovely place in which to sit - waiting for an opportune time to head north. We were in NO HURRY. Loads of time before Carrie and Chevy arrive.


So we spotted a weather window  - one day only - and decide to go. Ominously, as we left, another Canadian boat waved goodbye, and said, "See you in Antigua. We are going tomorrow when the weather is better." We scratched our heads a bit. We thought we had done our research. Well of course, the forecast had changed over night and the next day would have been much better. 

We had a bit of a thrash heading up. We were a bit tight on the wind, making 4.5 knots and our trip would have taken about 10 hours at that speed. So we motor sailed. Made it in 8 hours. 

So now we are here... need to varnish... and that's what we are doing.

New beach pail for Chevy

Varnish Queen

Carlisle Bay Resort

"Flag" owned by Tommy Hilfiger. See the toys?

View from the kitchen window
There is a massive north swell, related to the horrible east coast storm that is taking place so we have hidden out in Carlisle Bay - protected from the waves from the north and most importantly, we have great internet. Even though we aren't getting the brunt of the 3 m waves, we are getting 'induced' waves here in Carlisle. So every now and then we get thrown around a bit.

Shows the big swell from the north
Here we are!
In Jolly Harbour, their anchor dragged got swept ashore in the swell. 
So we are catching up on our reading, doing cross-word puzzles, sudokus and... varnishing!


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