Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Touring post-Maria Dominica

Last week we were sitting on the boat in the late afternoon, enjoying an adult beverage when Alexis, the PAYS boat guy drove up and asked us if we wanted to go on a tour tomorrow… $EC 100 each. See some waterfalls, hot springs, some of the Hurricane Maria damage, etc.

Now Alexis is not our guy. Jeff (Seabird) has been our guy for years so it felt a little like cheating. Or what I imagine cheating would be like if I had ever done it. Never even thought about it. Really.

Anyway, where was I going with that? Alexis is a very positive presence around the bay, always helping out, always smiling and waving. Seabird had not yet approached us for a tour, and tours are always fun. You get to meet new people and hear about their adventures. Lots of fun and usually a few beers and a local lunch.

So we said yes.

Alexis picked us up at our boat. We were first. Then, boat after boat we picked up couples... all of them Dutch... and two Germans. Now, one thing really annoying about most Europeans is that they speak many languages and their English is often better than mine.

So we loaded into a very comfortable van and struck off. Had to duck a couple of times to avoid being seen by Jeff.

When they realized that we were unilingual, Melinda of s/v Bolla said, “OK, these guys are Canadian so we’ll all have to speak English today,” which made us feel great… and very envious of their obvious fluency in a second language. 

That was the last English we heard. They’d have a great rousing conversation and then burst into hilarious laughter. I’m pretty sure they were talking about me but Pam says I’m too sensitive. “They weren’t always laughing about you,” she said.

Off on another Dominican adventure

Road undercut by rain. Being repaired by crew from China.

Our multilingual friends

New land created when the flash floods carried down rocks and debris

Blue roofs (tarps) everywhere

Flash flood washed away the Chinese workers' camp... and the workers.

She's got it all covered.

Trafalgar Falls

Cooling off her knees

Dutch exchanging Dutch gossip

Excuse me... could you move that tree?

This is where Maria roofs go to die.

We think Brianna's apartment was in here somewhere. Going to investigate more.

Used to be a machine shop

On Friday, the Catholic Elementary School had a “Freaky Friday” kind of activity. It is connected with Carnival which is happening on Monday and Tuesday. Jason and Chanty told us that Shania was going to be wearing her Bumble Bee outfit. We waited on-and-off in the Catholic Church when the rains came, for the "parade" to begin. Finally gave up when they said the weather wasn't permitting. Then went running back when we heard drums. And we got to catch Shania Bumble Bee.

Shania Bumble Bee

And her friends!
More coming. Working with sketchy internet.


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