Saturday, December 10, 2016

Heading Home for the Holidays!

Yay! Heading home for the holidays!

Needs more cowbells!
Weather isn't looking great.

Got this one from Jen
And this... maybe we should stay here!
Carrie says these guys will do your driveway for $$$!
Have enjoyed our fall tour of the Caribbean but it's time for a grandkid fix.

We've spent the last few days in the north of Antigua, near North Sound Marine, getting ready to haul for a month. We will head home to spend time with family and friends. Looks like the weather is going to provide an interesting contrast from what we've been experiencing.

Had fun with Quest and others at Hermitage, Davis Bay, Great Bird Island and then gave them a tour of North Sound before they headed away to seek refuge, water and wine at Jolly Harbour.

Parking lot

Beach Party


Got supplies... we're good!

Flacid Murphy

Naked Murphy... heading in for repairs.

Ding, dong, dell... Blue Pearl's in the well
We are tied up in the "well" ready to haul tomorrow. The "yellow dock line" is out and attached to 110 volts so we are making our batteries happy at the same time as we are cooling down in our air-conditioned cabin.

See you all soon!

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