Sunday, February 21, 2016

Safe and Sound, Back in Antigua

Our trip back from Dominica consisted of a 20 mile run to Les Saintes, a 30 mile run to Deshaies and then a 40 mile run to Jolly Harbour in Antigua.  At each of the stops we had a great time, saw nice folks and had great walks.  During each of the voyages, Pam gritted her teeth and stared at the mast, convinced that it was going to come crashing down.

We travelled on low wind days and only put up a little jib to stabilize.  Yan Diesel performed brilliantly and got us here without incident.

Sundowners in Deshaies with Quest (guests Mike and Diana), Windswept Dreams and Azaya

Security at the grocery store

To the beach

Great beach restaurants

Ed and Ann from Windswept Dreams



Banana Quits

Beautiful beach with huge rollers

Graveyard at the end of the hike - full of dead hikers

The hikers - Sunkissed, Blue Pearl, Windswept Dreams, Haven and Harmonium
Ed and Ann told us about this cool hike up and over a hill at the end of the beach.  Ed said it was a scramble but doable.  So we did it.  Just about killed us.  It was only 200 meters in altitude but straight up and rocky.  Of course it started to rain so it was slippery, too.

Icy drink and an icy knee

Martin and Caroline visiting for the day

Anchored very close - French of course

Murphy the dinghy fending off
Family photo
Our German kids from last year are settled into jobs at home in Germany and are taking their first vacation... so back down to the Caribbean to visit friends they made during their Atlantic crossing.  They went out of their way to come and visit us... great to see them!!

More mahi for dinner

Yay, Azaya is here
This is why Pam has to go home!

So Pam is getting ready to go home.  I'm starting to fuss about the boat.  I've got a plan - hoping to live on the boat while the work gets done.  If it gets too ugly I've got options.  Several boat friends have offered a bed and there is a guesthouse near North Sound Marina.  Jolly Harbour would be a better place for groceries and transportation but we really liked Leon the fiberglass guy at North Sound so we are going there.

I'll keep you up to date!

Will take lots of photos. 

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