Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hermitage Bay Resort

We have been staying at the beautiful Hermitage Bay Resort near Jolly Harbour waiting for a weather window to head the 25 miles over to Montserrat.  The harbour at Montserrat can be nasty rolly so we want to go at a time when it is pleasant.  And by "at the resort" I mean anchored out using their blazingly fast internet and enjoying the view.  No way we could afford to stay in a place like that.

La Ti Da!

We had one of those awkward moments when we decided to treat ourselves at the local Crows Nest restaurant in the marina at Jolly Harbour.  Normally we would go to a roadside food stand and get lunch and a beer for $10 (Canadian.)  We sat down, ordered beers and then looked at the menu.  HUGE (Trump-like) prices.  So chalk that one up to experience.  Too embarrassing to leave so we sucked it up and had $20 hamburgers with $8 beers.  Yummmm.

Crows Nest

Lots of boats in the boatyard.  Not too many folks down here, yet.
Pam has just about finished washing and waxing the entire boat with a toothbrush so it is gleaming and when it rains the water beads all over.  Looks really cool!

We've been keeping cool in the water and exploring a bit with Murphy the Dinghy when we are not doing boat chores.
Looking good.
From way up here you can see...

Our own private beach
So we are checked out of Antigua and ready to head to Montserrat.  Went into Jolly Harbour today to have the birthday lunch Pam promised me from "Lindas" in the boatyard.  We checked out, bought gas for Murphy the Dinghy and headed to the Epicurian for last minute groceries and gallons of wine. 

Now that's a lunch!

Serious after-lunch nap needed

Met Mike and Judy from Discovery. 

Waiting to get gas
Alright, Faithful Reader.  Talk to you from Montserrat... or where every we find our next internet.

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