Saturday, November 22, 2014

Home for the Summer

Highlights from our time back in Canada...
  • had a spring visit from our daughter and grand daughter from Edmonton
  • bought a new car
  • cheered on our eldest daughter in her ultra-marathon (84 km over 3 days, ugh) near Calgary
  • visited Tyrell Museum (amazing dinosaurs, many millions or... wait a minute, really? only  6 thousand years old?) with son after seeing his apartment in Calgary for the first time
  • journey through our past visiting family and driving past our old houses and schools in Alberta and Saskatchewan in previously mentioned new car
  • visiting our youngest daughter and her daughter at their home near Edmonton
  • lots of golf
  • boat projects
  • house projects
  • vintage computer projects
  • sports car projects
  • lots of time with great old friends (I mean long-time friends... but some of them are quite old)
  • lunch with team mates and coach from high school football team
  • pig roast in our back yard with 80 wonderful friends and family
    Pig Roast
  • a visit for Glen to Germany to attend a family history seminar and visit WW I sites in Belgium
  • a quick family trip to Vancouver Island to see sister, brother-in-law and Mom
  • two weeks in Maui with daughters, son, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren
Our kids... so proud! 1993 and now.
Man... I'm bushed.  Looking for some respite from all the action.  Need to get back down to the boat!

I (Glen) am down with 2 friends, Stu and Steve, to put the boat in the water and get it ready for Admiral Pam.  We'll do a shakedown cruise up to St. Lucia and pick Pam up there.

So, here we go...

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  1. Wonderful post and a great family. I love the picture of 1993-now of your children. How cool. Great job Glen and Pam.


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