Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bequia Regatta

Bequia is in a festive way.  There is a buzz in the town.  The harbour has become crowded with boats who have come to participate in the Easter Regatta.  Many boats are here to watch but many more are here to participate. 

Our new BFFs on Eventyr, an Island Packet 31 have made arrangements to get involved… Hanna as crew on Jaguar.  Kai and Dana are trying to get onto some of the committee boats so they will be right in the middle of the whole thing.

It’s fun to watch the local boats with their huge sails whizzing around Admiralty Bay, practicing for the big races.  It’s all very exciting!!!

Lawrence and Winfield arriving for their last day of the varnish job
Four cats rafted to maximize party time at Regatta
Lottsa Bequia boats at Regatta
Don't fall off!
But alas, Blue Pearl raced across Admiralty Bay, only like Forrest Gump in that great scene after his glorious run in the football game, we didn't stop at the end-zone… but continued on south to Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou 40 miles away.  Had a great dolphin show along the way.

Thank you!

Our teak gleams like it is preserved under glass and our starboard locker looked great, painted a brilliant white… until we threw in all the crap we store there.  Now it looks the same as it did before.

Met up with Troubador (Chris and Linda), Serenity (Bruce without Colleen) and Page1 (Gary without Donna.)  Had some beers with Gary and Bruce and got caught up.  Pam pulled out all the stops and made spaghetti with chicken.

This morning we got up and headed out to Le Phare Bleu Marina on the south coast of Grenada.

For those who know the geography around here... we tried to come from Tyrrel Bay to Grenada on the east side so that we wouldn't have to do the miserable 5 miles from Point Salines to the marina.  We got close to Diamond Island but with a huge, 3 knot westerly current our nice beam reach turned into a close haul and, although we were making 7 knots through the water we were only doing 4 knots over the ground.  Too much current so we came down the west side.  Had a great sail until Point Salines.

At Point Salines we headed into the BIG wind and waves and spent a miserable 90 minutes crashing up and down.  It really doesn't get worse that that stretch.  Don't want to talk about it anymore.

So here we are at Le Phare Bleu.  Sherry and Bernie helped us dock (Sunday so no one around) and we notice that Cutter Loose, another Island Packet we met in the USVI is tied up here as well.

At the dock... phew!

So now, Dear Reader, we begin the process of setting up Blue Pearl for her 6 months of storage.  Ugly job... but then we will be home with all the kids, grandkids and friends.


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