Monday, March 5, 2012

Jen and Jack!

We had an awesome cruise with the Inmans – but all good things come to an end.
We docked at Puerto del Rey in Fajardo after a brisk sail up from Ferro Bay on Vieques.  We went to Ferro to see the bio-luminescence – which was pretty spectacular.  But no more so than some of the same up in the Pacific Northwest.  Some times at night when we flushed on Miss Pearl the head would light up like the lights were on. 
Anyway, we had a great sail and we rewarded ourselves by turning on the AC when we hooked up our yellow dock line (power cord) at Puerto del Ray.
Next day we said our goodbyes to the Inmans after a fabulous lunch in San Juan – they are off on a supplementary adventure to explore the island.  They are the perfect guests... except that they won't let you pay your fair share.  So I guess that makes them the perfect guests!!!
Pam's Salad Nicoise at Miros in San Juan
We left the airport and promptly got lost.  We drove in ever expanding circles until we found a Costco and bought a GPS.  Woooo hooooo!  After paying $500 ransom, we left with the new GPS, two cases of wine and fresh fruit and vegetables for our visit with Jen and Jackson.
Back to the boat – with directions from GPS Jill – to stow our treasures and rest up.  We’ll need the rest – Jackson doesn’t stop.  
Got them at 10:30 pm (6:30 their time) and Jack played shy for 2 minutes.  Got into the car and sped back to the boat.  Now Jack was NOT shy and wouldn't stop chatting.  Told us his travel stories all the way back to Fajardo.  Had a nice bedtime and then a great sleep. 
Gran's my favorite!  Ice cream sandwich and new net!

Alright, let's get this show on the road.
Spent a day letting them get their hours organized and then headed out on Thursday for Isla Palamino.  Had a blustery sail but only for 5 miles.  Then an evening on a mooring ball and off for an early start on Friday for Culebra. 
The weather didn’t cooperate and our pregnant Jen had a relapse of morning sickness.  Ugly and bumpy – but we were into Bahai Tamarindo before noon.
Great beach toys

Master of my domain

Body surfing

Waiting for big waves


Helping Gran make dinner
Nuggets and a brewskie at El Batey - that's livin'
We are back in Culebra, snorkeling, playing on the beach, playing on the boat - just hanging out in the Spanish Virgin Islands.  We've seen many of the boats we got to know in Luperon while we all waited for weather - Southern Cross IV, Falcon's Nest, Seabbatical 1, Fawkes, N'er Do Well - and have heard others on the radio.

It is very windy now and will be for the next few days.  Saturday looks like a good day to head east - Maybe to Saint Thomas?!


  1. What a great family visit and one cute grandson! WE always find the children LOVE to be on the boat, looks like Jackson did as well. Congrats on the "thorny path" and making the Islands.
    Hayden in Green Turtle Club Abacos

  2. Enjoy your visit with Jen and Jackson, morning sickness aside, looks like everyone is enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

  3. I love it! The kids look like they're having a ball with Gram/Granpa! We've been hunkered down at Long Island with these blasted winds! If you get over to Charlotte Amalia (sp) St Thomas - have a Cobb salad for me at the Green House on the main drag for me :) Hoping we get there this year!!!


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