Monday, February 6, 2012

Time to Move!

We’ve been waiting for the experts to tell us we can go.  We are Waiting for Weather Windows in W(L)uperon or Lying Low before we go in Luperon.  Or how ‘bout this one – Wasting Away Again in Luperonoville - where the rum is cheap and so are the aspirins.

Anyway, the Trade Winds are blowing 20 right from the east, the north swell sends 10 foot seas hurtling towards the shore and the wind and swell combine to create a washing machine effect.  NO FUN!

So we’ve been patient.  Even with friends and family arriving in PR in days – we’ve been patient.
BUT WAIT!!!  We think we’ve got a window!!!

The weather gods may have conspired to create an opening.  Jinder said something about burning special incense, putting pins in a voodoo doll and making a special request to his gods.  Thanks, Jinder! 

We might be heading out Tuesday night to hug the coast in the island “night lee” to make Escondido.  A night lee occurs when the cooling land mass creates conditions that knock the Trade Winds down.  We see it every night at about 7PM, when the winds die down – and every morning, when the winds kick back in at about 10 AM. 

When the north swell dies, and the Trades get below 15, the night lees make it possible to transit along the coast.  So we will leave Tuesday evening to get into Escondido Wednesday morning.  Sleep at anchor until evening and then head around Cabo Samana towards PR.  Maybe only Punta Cana, DR or maybe all the way to Boqueron, PR.  We’ll let the weather decide.

The main thing is that we will be a step closer to our rendezvous with friends and family in PR.
Luperon has been a blast.  This is a cozy cruiser community integrated with the friendly DR fishermen and townsfolk.  We’ve loved Captain Steve’s – his esposa Annie is a delight.  Wendy’s is awesome, JR’s has a great music night.  Papo and Handy Andy have become amigos.  We appreciate their work ethic and will be sorry to say goodbye.  The food has been cheap and fantastic and did we mention - cheap.  The beer is cold and delicious.  We won’t be sorry to say goodbye to the bug – we all seemed to catch it and each spent 2 days close to el bano.

But what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

Hasta la vista, baby!

Entertaining on Vagabond

Enjoying lunch in Puerto Plata

Lunch at Captain Steve's in Luperon

Fixing the antenna

Our view back into town - about 75 boats here... waiting
Pam at work

Before varnish...


Local kiddy sailors

Planning our escape...

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