Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year in the Exumas

The last few days of Brad’s visit were cold and windy so we didn’t get much snorkeling done.  A front had come through and we were lucky to be on a mooring ball in Exuma Land and Sea Park in Warderick Wells as the winds peaked at about 40 knots.

Once the front passed we were able to sail and motor sail down to Big Majors Spot, just off Staniel Cay where Brad could catch the plane for Nassau.  Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as he left, the weather turned beautiful and we vegged for 6 days, enjoying the sun and beautiful water.  Each day we watched the progression of boats that came into our beach with their table scraps to feed the swimming pigs.

Bye Brad! Have fun in Mexico.

When pigs can swim...

Our days were filled with reading, dingying into town to buy bread from the lady in the yellow house, eating fritters at the Yacht Club and napping on the boat.

Our friend, Sid, from Anacortes on Quest, an IP 40 caught up to us the day Brad left and we were all disappointed that they weren’t able to meet.

Bo - Quest's ship's dog

We were there for the New Years celebrations and it was great to watch the races – especially the local Class A boats where the locals hike out on pryboards to keep the boats upright as they haul into the wind.

Tida Wave - from Staniel's Cay

All of the local boaters were invited into Staniel Cay Yacht Club for a regatta dinner – great conch salad, chowder, fish, the delicious macaroni they make from scratch, and endless rum punches with a punch.  Thanks so much to the Staniel Cay community for their warmth – it is a very nice place to visit.

Sandy Cay

Our private island!

We brought in the New Year – at least on Greenwich time (7 PM local time) with Roger and Bonnie from Kokomo, Sid from Quest on Conrad and Sally’s “It’s About Time, “ another IP 38 like ours.

We are on a mission now to get down to George Town for Jen and Jackson.   We stopped in at Little Farmers Cay to drop off the schoolbooks we’ve ferried from Florida.

Farmer's Cay schoolbooks

Also, the internet is pretty good there and we’ve been able to chat with our family and friends.  We’ve got another couple of favorite spots to see including Musha Cay (you really should google Musha Cay) and the castle on Darby Island before we sled down to George Town on Thursday to avoid the next cold front.

All the best for 2011 to everyone!  Talk to you from George Town.


  1. Hi there! Just Googled Musha Cay....Pam and had better have your yahty wardrobe available for the visit.....summer whites and creams would be appropo!

    Such a beautiful world down there!
    Happy New Year to you both!
    love us

  2. You're looking great guys, love the swimming pigs, never heard of such a thing. what a good life ! ! fun, fun, fun.

  3. Hey Guys... Happy New Year...
    Luv the picture of the pig...
    Say "Hi" to Sid, Bo and the gang from us..

  4. WOW! Musha Cay looks stupendous - what we would give to be able to spend time there - dream on!!! Glad to hear you celebrated New Year's with friends and will be seeing Jennifer and Jackson very soon if not already.

  5. That private island looks rough, I feel bad for you guys. Let me know if you need some snow to feel at home. :-) thanks again for the blog and the effort this takes to post. We are enjoying this.

  6. Hi guys! Just found your link from my blog again :) I absolutely love your pics here! Hope Bo hasn't taken to rounding up the pigs over there! Great shot of the pig swimming! Can't wait to catch up with ya's! Thunderstorms just went through here! Tell Sid hi and pet Bo for me! Enjoy the bread mmmmmmmm....

  7. Will the pigs eat my dogs:)? Our parts will be here in the morning. Soooooooo. Jons been fixing things here for people. Its really funny how many things he can fix.

  8. Sorry Glen and Pam, I'm just getting caught up on your wonderful blog. I'd like to say it's uplifting, reading about your time away from home.......but I won't.
    I did look up Musha Cay and the Blue Hole. Maybe I should be saving more retirement pennies?? I was also wondering about the your quick trip home.....8 houses for every 2 churches sort of sounded like Abbotsford.

    I'm glad you two are setting such a wonderful example of what retired life should be like, even if you don't own a boat. Take care,



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