Saturday, April 3, 2010

In The Nick of Time

We had planned to get to Georgetown with Jen, Luke and Jackson but getting a flight reservation was problematic so we hung around Darby Island, Rudder Cay and Little Farmers instead of heading further south. They were able to leave on Flamingo Air from Little Farmers Sunday morning to connect with their flight home from Nassau. We watched them take off from the end of the runway. It was lonely on the boat after they left. It was wonderful to have them with us and to be able to spend time with Jackson.

On Saturday, we all went to the school fair. Great fun. There are 10 kids enrolled in grades 1 through 11, all boys. There are two rooms - the elementary room and the secondary room. The beer shack for the fair was across the street and it must have generated lots of cash for the school. What a good idea! The ring toss game was raging until Luke got there with his juggling balls - then the Juggler became the main event.

The Juggler
The Juggler

Luke had the boys trying to juggle and told them how they could make their own juggling balls. We wished we had brought some supplies to get them started. Glen and Luke played musical chairs but lost to JR, the Woodcarver.

We ate chicken, fish and ribs with baked macaroni and coleslaw - yummy!!! It was our hottest day and Jack was feeling the heat so back to the Little Farmers Yacht Club to sit under the palapa and cool off.

Jackson and Mom at the School Fair lunch

When the kids left we had only 3 days to cover the 40 miles to Georgetown to pick up the Macdonalds. Sunday afternoon we got off the dock - with much trepidation as the 20-25 knot wind was pushing us broadsides onto the dock. We didn't even hit one piling this time! We stuck our nose out in the Sound but the wind was blowing right in our faces with 5 foot seas so we decided to try on Monday. Monday was the same. So, with Don and Pat arriving Tuesday at 3 we decided that it was now or a night in a hotel for them. The front had passed and the wind had clocked around to the north, so with the breeze from behind we motor-sailed to Georgetown. The waves gave us a bit of rolling but it was a pleasant trip through the ink blue water. Keeping our eye on the clock, we dropped our anchor just as their landing gear hit the ground. Hopefully their taxi ride into town and our dingy ride to shore will get us to the Exuma Market dingy dock at the same time!!

We thought it was tight getting into Nassau the day before the Inmans but this is really cutting it close! We sure are looking forward to seeing Don and Pat!


  1. Hi Pam, Glen, Don and Pat,
    We have been enjoying the blogs! Loved all the pics of the Closs family and that very cute baby!! What a great way to spend family time together.
    Scott and I arrived home yesterday from our "maiden voyage" in the RV. We had a great time, lovely weather..85 degrees most days. We played lots of golf, had a few great cycles and hiked the local hills over looking Palm Desert. The Truscott's and Payne's were with us, so we had lots of dinners and happy hours together as well as rounds of golf. Scott bought new irons.,,he thinks they have a made a difference, but it seems to depend on the day! Had a very long drive home. It took us all of three days with small stops along the way. Next time we probably need more time.
    We are looking forward to hearing your Pat and Don stories..I'm sure there will be lots to tell. Have a great time!!
    Love to all
    Scott and Tina

  2. Congratulations! I think you've solved the funding crisis for Abbotsford schools. A beer shack at all home basketball games! Love it. Happy Easter and hi to Don and Pat. Grandson looks adorable.

  3. You must be thrilled to have the baby there with you. Now you need one of those signs you see on cars......"Baby on Board"


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