Sunday, March 14, 2010

Atlantis to Omelettes

After enjoying Norman’s Cay for 3 days, albeit without water… we made our way back to Nassau. We had heard about Atlantis – the marine resort on Paradise Island. It is hideously expensive to moor there and they don’t allow boats UNDER 40 feet – we guess they don’t want riff-raff in the neighbourhood. So we suddenly became 40 feet and made a reservation. It is hard to believe how “over-the-top” the boats are. They are massive, all require a captain and crew (uniformed), outlandishly decorated and they have every gadget and piece of equipment imaginable.


It costs $100 per person per day to enjoy the attraction if you walk in but this is waived for hotel and marina guests… what a deal!!! So Gavin, Kal, Jinder, Pam and Glen went exploring Tuesday evening and enjoyed Wednesday at the attractions and pools. Just as we were deciding what to do for dinner on Wednesday a local fisherman showed up with lobster. Unfortunately for Jinder and Kal, Gavin has learned that he loves lobster!

Uh oh... Gavin loves lobster.

Daquiris too fruitiful

We had a visit with Shaun, Tom, Nicholas and Natalie Windt who were staying there after a Caribbean cruise and met up with Anita again before her return to Abbotsford. One evening we ended up in the middle of a Junkanoo parade!

Visit from the Windts Junkanoo

Thursday found us back in reality at the more mundane but functional Nassau Yacht Haven. The Sarowas treated us to dinner at the Poop Deck and then we settled in for our last night. The Sarowas left us for the airport at 7 am and we spent the day puttering at the marina. It is strangely quiet when guests leave. Pam decided on an omelette for dinner – is this our parting routine?

Kaliks at the Poop Deck

The marina was quite full when we arrived and they put us in a slip that would have worked if we didn’t have a bowsprit or a dingy hanging on davits. We spent the first night with a flashing light hung from our bow, hoping we wouldn’t be hit by a Bahamas Divers boat or one of the local fishing charters passing by. The next day Glen moved the boat to the next dock, removed the dingy and here we sit with our davits hanging out over the dock. Leaving on Tuesday might prove to be another adventure!

Don't fence me in!

Glen started our income tax, we did laundry and grocery shopping.

Doing taxes is OK in the Bahamas

We had drinks with neighbours, Barb and Daryl from SeaWind II and shared docking nightmare stories. One evening we witnessed the effects of the current and tide on a big sailboat as he docked nearby bouncing off the wharf and bumping a boat. We are learning that most boaters struggle with docking.

So, another adventure has ended and we are looking forward to the next… Jen, Luke and Jackson join us on Monday to explore the Exumas from Nassau to Georgetown.


  1. We're all packed and ready to go! Red-eye to Toronto then ~3hrs to Nassau... see you soon!

  2. Char of "Char's Web & Mike of the "Fishing Machine"March 15, 2010 at 12:58 AM

    Here we are again...saw your lobster....just like the ones we get in Puerto Morelos. We use a bamboo steamer to gently steam our lobster. Mike scores them down the middle and adds garlic butter. We have tried various methods, but this one maintains their loverly flavor...if you want a steamer let us know and we will send one down with your next set of guests. YOU are busy!!! Have fun with Jenn, Luke and Jackson.

  3. So tell us, how has the weather been? We will be staying at Lake Worth awhile longer. It looks like you are having a wonderful time!

  4. Hi Glen & Pam
    Read in the paper about a Ann Vaderhoof who has written The Spice Necklace about her & husband's sailing in the Caribbean. 10 years ago she wrote An Embarrassment of Mangoes, also about sailing and eating in the Caribbean. Made me think of your adventures. Sounds like you're having a great time.

  5. Hi - visit Kal and Jinder last nite at b-ball games - just talking to them makes us anxious to be on our way too! Got some good advice.........the Yale boys won their games last nite and tonite the semi finals against Pitt Meadows. We are off to Bimpys for the weekend with Paul and Dianne. Hi to Jenn, Luke and Jackson - Have fun all!!!

  6. Update: Yale wins provincial boys' basketball title 49-40 over White Rock Christian. Go out and celebrate - wait a minute. That's what you're doing all the time, now. Keep it up.

  7. Thanks again for a great time. Hope Jenn, Luke and Jackson are enjoying themselves. Miss the beautiful blue waters, white sand beaches, happy hour and iguana dances.

  8. Hello there Captain and First mate

    Visited with Jinder and Kal last week. Boy are they ever tanned!!! Kal even showed us Pam's infamous iguana dance. We couldn'd stop laughing!! Looks like retirement is treating you well. Enjoy your visit with your family. Hope to see you guys soon when you get back from your expedition.
    I look forward to having champagne with you Glen and a glass of wine with Pam.

  9. Char of "Char's Web & Mike of the "Fishing Machine"March 27, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    LOVED that iguana dance! I was the first to see it created and performed in the galley!
    Such fun!

  10. Half of the credit for the creation of the iguana dance must go to Charlotte. It was a group effort! Not Mike and Glen, though! They were asleep.


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