Friday, February 5, 2010

still waiting

We are still waiting for our weather to cross... so lots of time on our hands.  Have a look at our latest effort...


  1. I think I could handle it, maybe not waiting around for weeks on end but worth a try. I'm glad you are not too much of a risk taker out there, your safety is paramount and if you can make the crossing along with several other boats - all the better.

  2. Hope the weather changes for you soon! We leave Maui for home tomorrow so will be even more envious of your adventures when we get back to the rainy west coast!! It's time to sharpen my figure skates for the up and coming Olympic competition. Jacquie says my tights shrunk so may have to wear my new spandex outfit.


  3. Thanks for this little insight into your daily life! I LOVE seeing these little details of life on the boat. Although I know you're getting tired of waiting, I'm a little envious of your wait-time and the luxury of doing what you want to do and not what you need to do.

  4. Re catching rain water through a tiny and slightly raised hole...forgive me but I seem to recall that there is recent invention out there..i think it is called a funnel? Yes I think that is what I heard. I think I will google that and see.

  5. Glen and Pam, let us know how your crossing has been. By my estimates you should be almost there and having your Sundowners by now! Your friends on Troubadour!


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